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Have you had your spring roof check up yet?

Here are four common springtime roofing problems we see.

Spring has sprung and the weather is getting nicer and warmer out! It is important you check your roof after the long winter for any signs of damage it may have sustained over the cold months.


Leaks can occur, causing water damage to not only the roof but the home. Usually, leaks are caused by persistent ice and water on the roof. Once the weather gets warmer, the snow and ice melt and it can cause leaks to your home.

This means your roof needs repairs. It is important to get this type of damage inspected immediately to avoid further damage and costly repairs and damage to your home.


When the weather warms up, animals can seek shelter in loose siding or flashing, corroded. fascia or chimneys.

Animals can cause damage to your home that can leave your roof and home susceptible to leaks or even more expensive repairs.


Leaves left over from the fall that have piled up on the eaves of your home can cause deterioration and can lead to clogs or overflows.

Regularly cleaning out your eaves can help as well as making sure the eaves are attached to the house properly.


Chimneys should be regularly inspected, especially on older homes. Snow and ice collect at the top of your chimney and can cause cracks in the crown.

Give us a call for a free inspection and we can make sure your roof, siding and gutters are in tip-top shape for the upcoming warmer months.

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