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How To Tell If Your Roof Has Storm Damage

Ohio is no stranger to severe weather. This increases your chances of your roof sustaining damage. Storm damage may not always be visible from the ground.

Here is some key information on storm damage and when to call for a free inspection:

High speed winds can wreak havoc on your roof through:

Wind Damage

High speed winds can wreak havoc on your roof by:

  • loosening or breaking shingles

  • causing trees to fall on your roof

  • displaced gutters

Wind exerts stress and pressure on your roof which can cause the roof to break down more quickly.

These roofs have all sustained obvious storm damage from severe weather.


Hail Damage

We do not see hail as regularly as high-speed winds, but it only takes one hailstorm to seriously damage your roof by:

  • cracking or displacing shingles

  • denting or damaging gutters and downspouts

You can ask your roofer about GAF's hail resistant shingles to protect your roof.

Other Storm Damage Indicators

Ceiling Leaks

  • If your ceiling is leaking, this means your roof is most likely damaged and needs to be repaired immediately. Otherwise, you risk larger problems and even more expensive repairs from water damage.

  • Take a look upstairs or in your attic for any water stains or spots and any signs of mold.

Creased or Curled Shingles

  • This indicates the shingles are not sticking to the roof. This could cause potential roof leaks or water damage.

Chimney Cap

  • High winds can dislodge your chimney cap or cause it to become loosened or even unattached, which is an indicator of storm damage that needs repaired.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Still not sure if your roof, gutters or chimney have sustained storm damage? Let us help you out. Give us a call or fill out a form online to schedule a FREE inspection. We''ll take it from here and get your roof better than before.


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